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Ok, so in the heat of the moment while trying to impress your new boss your hand flew up when he asked who wanted to create next week’s big presentation. One problem: you’re not the best designer and the last presentation you put together was a total bore. Problem? I think not. You’ve got a new secret weapon to bring to the table: Prezi Next. Prezi Next is amazing new presentation software that will help you create a captivating presentation without any hassle. The templates are customizable, and the software is user-friendly even if you have no presentation design experience. Best of all, if you reach a point in your presentation when things are going off the rails, Prezi Next uses a format that is flexible enough to let you easily jump around within the presentation to keep the room engaged and the dialogue active and in the moment. And when all is said and done, Prezi Next tracks the success of your stunning presentation, so that you can show the new boss you’re worth every penny he’s paying you . . . and then some.

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