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You’ve spent time and energy planning your event or conference.  Attendees are arriving, speakers are addressing, networking is happening, leads are revealing themselves and the event roles to what seems to be a fairytale ending.  Everything seems to have gone well.  The sponsors probably saw the event’s overall value.  The company seems to have some good leads to follow-up with.  Guests appeared to be happy.  But wouldn’t it feel good to be certain?  With Hyperlocal you can be.  Hyperlocal offers you extraordinary in-depth behavioral, engagement, and location analytics so that you can better understand your attendees, their experience, the event’s overall performance, prospective leads, and so much more.  Hyperlocal uses real-time data intelligence to give you the insight you need to learn from your event, every time.  With Hyperlocal, there’s no need to guess, you’ll have the concrete information to know.

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