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Ever played a game of Telephone?  How’d that go?  Sure, it might have been fun, but did the information accurately reach everyone?  Probably not.  And I’m guessing the Telephone model is probably not how you want to provide important information to everyone as you plan your next event or conference.  But what is nice about the Telephone model?  You only need to relay the information once.  And if that’s the appeal, let it be so!  Hubb allows conference and event planners to update their content and marketing information one time from a central location and have those changes communicated across the board so that attendees, speakers, and members stay looped in.  And because Hubb was created by meeting industry professionals to ease the day-to-day challenges of event planning, it provides useful tools that automates time consuming tasks and gives you the space to focus on the important stuff.  Let it be Hubb

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