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All right, Sylvia Plath, just because your 7th grade English teacher isn’t marking your paper with corrections in red pen, doesn’t mean your writing is up to par.  I mean, you are writing for a big business.  You are the voice of your company.  You need another set of eyes on the editorial prize, and that is precisely where Hemingway steps in.  The Hemingway app marks up your writing and guides you to literary perfection.  Type your composition directly into the app, or paste the text of what you’ve already written and the Hemingway app will tell you what sentences are too hard or complex, when there is a simpler alternative, how many adverbs you’ve got thrown in the mix, and when your writing is passive when it could be active, along with a slew of other information that will help you engage your readers, and make you sound, well literate.  So, know your audience, know your voice, and rest assured you are putting out the best literature to represent your brand.

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