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It’s not easy to grab people’s attention these days, let alone keep it. Distractions abound as minds drift, phones message, fatigue sets in, and your good-looking coworker from creative catches your eye. You understand distractions, so you also know how important it is to counter those interferences with audience presentations that engage and support positive interaction. Glisser is award-winning audience presentation software that will help you do just that. Glisser will help you turn your generic presentations into interactive events by allowing you to share slides in real time directly to your audience’s smartphones so that they can take notes, and save and share the content. The Glisser platform also provides audience engagement through live polling, Q&A, Twitter feeds, and more. When all is said and done your audience will leave excited and motivated and you’ll have loads of feedback, data, and analytics to make your next training, conference, or event even better. (Like that’s even possible.)

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