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FitBit Blaze

We all get it: fitting in time to exercise is hard, especially from behind your desk. Blah, blah, blah. Now leave the excuses behind and step it up a notch. The FitBit Blaze tracks your activity throughout the day and keeps you looking good and feeling good from morning ‘til night. From early workouts to morning meetings, and late nights at the office to date night out, FitBit Blaze tracks your daily activity and stats, gives you call, text, and calendar notifications, celebrates your activity goals, and serenades you with tunes. The technology of the FitBit Blaze allows you to track all your various workouts through the multi-sport mode, get after it with the on-screen workouts, and stay connected to GPS for accuracy. And now for the fashion statement: FitBit Blaze styles you with interchangeable band options keeping you fashionable for any occasion, from gym to gala. Run, bike, gym, distance, pace, heartrate, steps, flights, notifications, music, and, oh, yeah style. FitBit Blaze really does have it all.

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