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You’ve got a feed, maybe a blog or a podcast, and it seems like it’s getting some action . . . right? Hmmm, maybe it’s hard to know unless you have the analytics to give you an accurate low-down on who is subscribing, where they are located, and how they got there. FeedPress gives you the tools you need to understand your feed’s audience, what subscribers are downloading, and where they are located on a daily and weekly basis. But that’s not all, folks! FeedPress can also manage multiple feeds through one account, customize feed URLs, import and export your subscriber lists, and publish your feed to Facebook, Twitter, Buffer, and more. With FeedPress you can also generate a newsletter when you integrate with MailChimp. Speaking of integration, FeedPress easily integrates with WordPress, Piwik, and Mint. And if you’ve got a podcast that needs hosting, FeedPress gives you up to 400MB of new monthly storage and makes it easy to upload and manage. With FeedPress you can understand your feed’s analytics and build on that understanding to do so much more.