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You’re full of good ideas. If only you could remember them. It’s hard to keep track of genius in our busy distraction-filled world, and to be fair your assistant can’t follow you around jotting down every seed of inspiration. She has a life . . . and so do you. Actually, when you think about it, usually your best ideas strike when you are out living that life: walking down the street, on the bus, having dinner with a friend or client. So, what do you do then? How are you going to keep track of all your brilliance in one organized, sharable space? How, indeed?! With Evernote you can easily record, organize, and share your ideas in one sync-able place. Better yet, you can build on your ideas by adding links, checklists, attachments, audio recordings and more. And to top that, even your handwritten notes are searchable. Evernote makes it easy to share with teams and colleagues, ensuring projects move forward with harmonious productivity and efficiency. With Evernote, you’ll remember.

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