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Go ahead, open that drawer to your right. You know the drawer with about a million thumb drives and your old back up hard drives. Some are labeled, some are not. Observe the failed attempt to organize and back up everything in your office. Now take a breath and get ready to make a change to how you back-up, organize, and share your files. Dropbox offers super simple cloud-based storage for all your stuff. Literally, all of it: documents, files, photos, videos. Ready for the cherry on top? Everything you add to Dropbox will automatically appear on all your devices, as well as the Dropbox website. And not only can you access it from anywhere, you can easily share it by inviting anyone to have access to a folder or file. Finally, a safe, simple and practical way to back-up your life. Now go ahead and dump that drawer to your right in the trash. I promise you, it’ll feel so good.

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