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You’ve been wrapping up this “quick” phone call with a client for, well, the last 47 minutes and 16 seconds . . . You’ve got an important business meeting on the other side of town and if you don’t leave now, you’ll be late. Very late. Not to mention later tonight you have a flight to a major conference you’re leading and you still need to follow-up on how preparations are moving along. If only your office were portable you could finish the current call while in transit, have your meeting, and then make your follow-up call as you head to the airport. If only your office were portable you could make everyone happy. Well, my friend, ask and you shall receive. DialPad gives you the freedom to take your office anywhere. DialPad is a cloud-based system that allows you to seamlessly transfer your communication among devices with the push of a button, so that you can stay connected while on the move. And we’re talking all kinds of connected: phone, MMS, SMS, IM, group messaging, online meetings, and video. Better yet, DialPad also integrates with the business apps that you already use and organizes your documents and conversations by contact. There’s no reason to pack up the mules to transfer your office, DialPad has got your back.


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