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Don’t deny it, being fought after by a bunch of creatives from around the world sounds like a dream come true. If that’s the case then you can call me The Deliverer of Dreams, because I’m here to transform that creative fantasy into a very tangible and repeatable reality. DesignCrowd is basically the dating app of the design world, with the added perk of everyone wanting you from the get-go, and you chiseling away at the choices until you meet perfection. Here’s how it works: you post your design project with a brief description and budget in the DesignCrowd marketplace and before you know it you’ll have loads of designs from creatives all over the world headed your way. You can share these designs with friends and co-workers for feedback, delete the designs you don’t like, and tweak the ones you do until you’ve reached perfection. And if you don’t like anything, your budget is fully refunded, making this matchmaking completely risk-free. If only OKCupid and Tinder had matchmaking down as well as DesignCrowd, the world would be much more loving place.

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