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Crowd Mics

When you’re looking to keep your audience engaged the last thing you want is a long pregnant pause as a microphone is slowly passed row by row to Mike in the back of the room. That time lapse kills audience interest and participation and only gives everyone ample time to wonder what cheese is being served and if there is an open bar at the reception. The obvious solution is to take the dead air out of the conference room. But how? Boy oh boy, have I got the answer to your riddle. Crowd Mics transforms each participant’s phone into a wireless microphone. That sounds too good to be true, but it gets even better. Crowd Mics also allows audience members to text questions and comments and answer live polls throughout the event. So even Shy Susan from accounting can get involved. Turns out she has some pretty swell ideas.

Check out our interview with the founder of Crowd Mics on i3 Events.

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