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Crate. Hmm, sounds like one of those services that delivers a box of food or clothes to your door based on your online preferences, all so that you can be well-styled and well-fed without the work. Pretty close, but no cigar. The general idea, however, is spot on. Crate doesn’t offer food or clothes delivered in a box, but it does provide you with the perfect content for you to share via Twitter or across other social media using your Buffer account. To start, you create a (surprise, surprise) Crate. Your Crate is a collection of tags: keywords, blogs, domains, journalists, topics, and usernames that describe the kind of content you’re interested in sharing. Based on the tags in each of your Crates, you’ll be sent the best content that you ca share immediately or schedule for later. And with Crate doing all the searching and finding, you’ll have a lot more time to start getting s*#t done. Hallelujah!

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