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Concierge Event Bot

Life on the road isn’t always easy, but isn’t it wonderful when you check into a hotel and have the concierge there to answer your questions, give you directions, and provide you with all the useful information you need for your stay? Concierge service is certainly a perk, but now it isn’t only for hotels and it isn’t only face-to-face. When you provide your event attendees with access to Concierge EventBot you give them the information and resources they need for your event directly at their fingertips. Concierge EventBot is an incredible AI chatbot that is designed specifically for events, making it remarkably easy for event guests to stay in the know and up-to-date when it comes to schedules, agendas, event logistics, wifi, directions and parking, information on speakers and exhibits, and so much more. And since the concierge at a fancy hotel would never ask anything of you, Concierge EventBot isn’t going to ask your guests to download an app or learn anything new—everything can be communicated through text, Facebook Messenger, or other familiar messaging channels. It’s time to give your event attendees the luxury of information and communication, because being in the know feels good. And don’t they deserve it?

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