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Bor-ing! That’s probably how your customers feel about the content you create for your company each week. (No offense.) That’s because it’s hard to create quality content week after week that your customers will actually read and stay engaged with. It’s also hard to be an expert on all the exciting issues you want to talk about, but may not have any expertise in. That’s why you need ClearVoice. ClearVoice makes it easy to produce well-curated, well-written content week after week, the kind of content people will read and enjoy. Here’s how it works: you tell ClearVoice the kind of content you need whether it’s for a blog, graphic, press release, social media post, web content, video, or something else and tell them when you need it. Then you assign who is going to produce the content. What makes ClearVoice so great is that you can assign someone from your own team, or you can send it off to the “marketplace” where ClearVoice will pair the perfect writer with the best matched experience to collaborate on the project. Anyone from your team can also contribute, and when the piece has reached perfection you can quickly publish and pay the freelancer with one easy click. Voila! Bor-ing be gone! ClearVoice also helps keep your content ideas organized through the easy-to-use editorial calendar. Instead of spending lots of time creating bad content, spend less time creating the best.

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