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Does it ever feel like you spend all day typing as fast as you can to address issues and questions that come in from customers and clients, and suddenly you pause to you realize that you are a practically a Charlie Brown caricature of yourself: big hands frantically bouncing off the keyboard churning out . . . nothing. It’s time to leave the land of caricatures and snail-paced productivity and join the wonderful world of AI bots. ChatFuel offers everything you need to create an amazing chatbot to suit your needs without any coding experience. With ChatFuel you’ll be empowered to design an avatar that can answer FAQ’s, share information about your company and your services, redirect to a live chat with a manager, and even present a portfolio of work. You can also specialize your chatbot to set up notifications for your clients or event attendees to give them important event information, local deals, parking info, updates, and so much more. And best of all, ChatFuel seamlessly integrates with all of the important services you already use including Instagram, Twitter, Google, YouTube and more! It’s time to put the frantic typing beyond and let ChatFuel help you get a break.

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