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Man, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get inside the mind of your competitor and learn what they do that works and what doesn’t? Well, I can’t say I’ve found a way into the mind of Jon Malkovich, but with BuiltWith you can sneak a peek into your competitor’s websites and learn about the technologies that are being used and access a breakdown of the various tools, services, and functions to see what gives them their competitive edge. With BuiltWith, accessing all of this information is as easy as entering the enviable company’s name into the BuiltWith search engine and reading the comprehensive report which includes information on each company’s webserver, SSL certificate and the security of the site, provider and host services used, email services, content management systems, frameworks, advertising services, analytics and tracking systems services, programming scripts, audio and video media, widgets, document information, encoding, aggregation functionality, content delivery networks, and so much more. As you can see the list is endless, and with all of that amazing information you can make the best decisions about what to implement for your own business. So go ahead and build it with BuiltWith.

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