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Wouldn’t your professional life be easier if there was more than one of you? Think about it for a moment . . . The answer is an emphatic, “yes, I'd get so much more done!” With Bottr you'll get about as close as you can get to duplicating yourself before it crosses the line into weird sci-fi creepy. Bottr helps you create an interactive digital twin that is jam-packed with so much artificial intelligence even George Jetson would find it out of this world. Your bot is so super smart that it learns everything it needs to know about you to help you magically have an extra set of hands to build an interactive profile, manage social media and posts, answer your most frequently asked questions, schedule meetings, write messages, stories, and articles, live chat with customers and clients and so much more. And when you go home to get those precious Z's, Bottr keeps working around the clock, 24/7, staying engaged with your audience. Now if only your Bottr bot could clean your home and watch the kids from time to time . . .

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