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Bluesmart Smart Carry-On Suitcase

Want to talk about neglect? Suitcases have been the same for decades with very little innovation or upgrade, other than say, wheels. Until now! The Bluesmart Smart Carry-On Suitcase is the world’s first smart carry-on luggage, and boy is it smart! The Bluesmart Smart Carry-On Suitcase connects to your smartphone providing revolutionary features and transforming your suitcase into your personal traveling assistant. Complete with a digital lock, proximity sensors, location tracking, trip tracking information, a built-in digital scale and a built-in battery with 2 USB ports that can charge your devices up to six times over. Bluesmart is compact, durable, water-resistant, and designed to meet all international carry-on requirements, so you can avoid the hassle. Time to upgrade to first class, at least when it comes to your luggage.

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