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Take a moment and begin to imagine your last flight. Words that come to mind: cramped, bumpy, not enough leg room, nowhere to put a drink, uncomfortable. When you are traveling by plane precious space it at a minimum and you’d better use what you’ve got wisely. Enter AirHook. AirHook recognizes that clunky and spatially obstructive tray tables are all but obsolete for the modern traveler, as very little time is actually spent eating mediocre airplane food. What you need is legroom, somewhere to put your drink, and a way to view your device. Well, AirHook will give you just that. Airhook is the perfect gadget for travelers. It’s small, transportable, hooks in to your upright tray table, and gives you a cup holder, a device holder, and loads more room for your legs and comfort. Bon voyage!

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