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What marketer or conference manager doesn't want to be sought after like Helen of Troy? When you use 99designs designers from all over the world will put their best foot forward to compete for your affection. Sounds enticing, doesn't it? Here's how it works: you tell 99designs a little something about your company, your style, your budget, and what you'd like designed. 99designs sends that scrumptious info to over a million eligible suitors, and before you know it dozens of designers from all over the world will be knocking down your door with beautiful design offerings. You give feedback, the designers adjust, and bing-bang-boom, you pick your soulmate. Easy as pie. Whether you need a new logo, business cards, conference programs or agendas, web design, or anything else your little heart can dream up, 99designs has got the hook up. And oh, yeah, they won't really show up at your door, because well, that'd be creepy.

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