A Tale of Music for Your Conference Video

OK, the conference is over, it was an overwhelming success, you had the best turnout in years and the attendee surveys could not be better if you had slipped the voters a sawbuck with their form.

Gladis down in marketing gets the idea to create a post-conference video, a really slick piece that will be posted to the conference blog, on the association home page and will be sent out to thousands via the post event wrap up email.

Gladys and Bob work and slave together in a dark room for days creating, what should be, an Emmy nominated piece with laughter, tears, photo montages and stunning testimonials from attendees, speakers and you, the planner.

What an achievement. Gladys even thought to throw in a soundtrack that included Boom Boom Pow from the Black Eyed Peas…… STUNNING, amazing, you have never seen such a work of art, it was so good that you stood back and cried, you cried tears of joy because what you have just witnessed will forever change the way that you see the world.

Excited and with a sense of urgency, you distribute as fast as you can, you post to twitter, facebook, the blog, the web and you even shout it from the rooftops! This sucker goes viral the way that nothing that has ever come before it, can you believe 500,000 hits on the first day!!!!!!!

That is when, without warning, the lawyers descend on you like the monkey army from the Wizard of Oz,  carrying you off to where ever they take evil doers like you and Gladys and of course, Bob.

What was your crime you scream as they beat, flog and water-board you! What have you done!

Well you idiot, you used Boom Boom Pow in the video, you stole an artists work and you did not pay for it and now you are being whisked away to an undisclosed location to feel the wrath of the Fergie and Will I Am… and I gotta say, rightfully so. You should have known better than to do this, you would not like it if someone stole that really cool idea for a final night gala would you?

So, what is a meeting and event professional to do?

Well, you could go through all of the mumbo-jumbo and pain that it would take to license a song like Boom Boom Pow which many ad agencies do. You could pay the hundreds, thousands or in some cases millions of dollars it would take to use that song that is burning up iTunes or Amazon……..or, you could go out and get a song that is just as good but less well known than the songs you hear on the radio every day.

How do you get music that you, a mere mortal can license and use in your videos? That my friends, is the easy part, there are plenty of places and plenty of budding young artists out there that want you to use their music, some free, others for low cost.

Now that our little story has ended, here are some sites where you can get music for your conference or event video that can see the light of day so that, perhaps, you can take home an Emmy after that public broadcast station airs your video at three in the morning cause they got 2 minutes of time to fill!















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