The Friday 5 – August 23

Links for Meeting Planners

Each week I painstakingly scour every last inch of the internet looking for 5 things worthy of meeting planners and event industry professionals. It could be an article, a service, an app, a review, a video, or a podcast. You simply never know what is going to pop up but it is always something that you can use.

I don’t spend much time on each, just a brief synopsis of what is behind the curtain, your interest or curiosity must do the rest.

Here is the Friday 5 for August 23rd, 2013

With You? Maybe… If the app is good

Conference App for Meetings and Events

Looks like there is a new event and conference app in town and that app is called AppsWith.Us. They contacted me earlier in the week and my curiosity is taking over and yours can too. Check it out, looks pretty slick but I have not reviewed yet, this is just a “check them out” kinda thing, not an endorsement.

Check out AppsWith.Us (sadly, this link no longer works)

Is Jamaica Safe for All Your Attendees

Meeting Planners Questions Jamaica Safety

Look, we cannot candy coat Jamaica’s long history as a place that is unsafe for attendees but I still do hear from time to time of an incentive program or small meeting that is headed there (why… why.. there are so many wonderful destinations in the Caribbean with 1/100 of the crime problem.).

This story about Dwayne Jones comes this from Human Rights Watch, he was an LGBT teen that was murdered for going to a party.

Ugg, as our little blue ball spins deeper into the 21st century.

Image: Daily Mail

Read more about the attack at Human Rights Watch

Not all Conferences have a Budget for Web Design


Not all conferences have a budget for a web designer or webmaster (as some still called them – LOL). When you are on a budget, you can still create an amazing website for your conference or event that looks all Web 2.0 and has all of the whiz bang features that you would expect. In fact, when combined with a good online registration solution like EventBrite or RegOnline, you can actually kick a little ass.

Check out Wix to see one such web design solution in action.

 New Convention Center for Norfolk?

Meeting Planners Should Consider Norfolk

I have a client conference headed to Norfolk next year and it is a city that I love. Small, yet big on amenities and good attitude. Put Norfolk on your radar if you are looking at the east coast for an event or conference.

Now that I have spotted my love for Norfolk, check out this little news flash that crossed our desk a couple of days ago. Looks like Norfolk will be viable for even more programs in the coming years.

When you call the CVB, ask for my good friend Jenny Lynch, she is awesome!

A New Convention Center and Hotel for Norfolk.

Image – FourFeathers.net

A Virtual Audience Needs Attention Too


A huge failure that I see when conferences try to create a hybrid event is not on the technology side of the equation, it is on the human side. Conference organizers expect the virtual audience to sit down, shut up, and just be…… How freaking boring, confusing, infuriating, <enter your ing here>.

Emilie Barta needs no introduction when it comes to all things virtual and this is an article from back in May where she talks about the 12 Ways that Virtual Audiences Need You. Ignore articles like this at your peril if you are thinking about jumping into the hybrid meeting pool because although the water is warm, it can be full of sharks.

Read More at Plan Your Meetings

That’s it Kiddies. Have an Awesome Weekend!

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