Conference Organizers Should Always Remember

Here is something that all conference organizers should remember, I use the organizer because that is who I am addressing, not the generic, often used Meeting and Event Professional that lumps everyone in the industry into a giant soup bowl.

Always do your best. Period. 

Do your best, your best matters to one very important group. The attendees.

These are folks that have made a commitment to attend whatever it is you have planned. Whether it is a business conference, a seminar, a Gala Dinner or a product launch, they have given the most valuable thing in the world, something that they can never, ever get back….

Their Time.

If you do your best to make attendees happy and ensure that their time is well spent, all of the other stakeholders in your event will also be happy, without fail. It is a simple process that we often overlook because someone in the event chain is always screaming about something, diverting our attention from the people that matter most.

Just thinkin.

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