Is Your Marketing Disgusting – Here is an Example

<<PLEASE READ the comment below by Jill with LindenLine, they are the people that created the marketing piece that I have written about in this post. After you read her comment, it may change how you VIEW this piece. It did me… In my reply, I did explain that if they had told the story that she told in her comment, this would have been an entirely different post. We could have been having a conversation about someone doing GOOD marketing. After reading her comment and understanding a little better, I would say that LindenLine did this with the best intentions, it is the message that was delivered in a way that no one understood. That is still the fault of the messenger but it certainly will make you look at this with a different light.

I am going to put this back out there and let everyone see my comment and Jill’s, let me know your thoughts and if it changes your perception of the piece>>

I will never really understand what the heck people are thinking with their marketing programs…. remember the Aqua Teen Hunger Force bomb scare in Boston in 2007….that was a doozy.

Maybe it is just me, but I have an issue with the following marketing piece that landed in my inbox the other day from LindenLine. I find it horribly tacky, strongly distasteful and downright disgusting.

September 11 profiteering

I am sorry, but my thinking says that trying to capitalize and make a buck off of the memory of the 3000+ people that perished on that September morning is wrong.

Somewhere there is a marketing manager that actually thought that this was a good idea. They all sat around a table and said “this is great!”, “WOW, We are gonna get some sales with this sucker!”……..and maybe they will, but it almost seems like dirty money.

As far as I know, LindenLine is not even giving any of the profits to a benefit or other charity and they used a picture of one of the family members… I have to wonder if they got permission for that.

Gee, maybe they should come out with a special set of pins for the Madrid Train bombings or the 7/7 UK victims! I know perhaps they should have a specially imprinted pool float to commemorate the Indonesian and Japan Earthquakes and Tsunamis. Speaking of Japan, how about a glow in the dark key chain for the nuclear disaster……..oh and lets not forget… a custom wind sock for the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina!

I am all for making money, it’s a good pursuit, but there has to be a limit. You must exercise common sense and decency.

How are the victim’s families going to feel when this lands in the their inbox.

It is a fact that there are people on LindenLine’s mailing list are connected to the victims. I am the proof. I am only thankful that the person that I knew was a passing acquaintance, a friend of a friend and not a sister, an aunt, a mother, a father or God forbid, a child.

Shame on you LindenLine, Same on YOU.

Let me know what you think, I am very interested to know how others view this as it will probably become a trend over the next few months.

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