Is BP on the Hook for Cancelled Meetings?

Seeing the recent survey from the Knowland Group I got to thinking, is BP on the hook for any meetings and events that have been canceled in the gulf region? Now, I am not talking about lost hotel revenue, that is a given.

What I am thinking is, are they on the hook to companies that have to move their meetings and events to another location entirely because of the disaster. As we all know, a last minute move can be costly (I had first hand experience with this while moving an event during Katrina).

I would believe that BP would be expected to pay these claims, but how many meeting and event professionals will actually pursue this? It would be interesting to find out.

For any meeting and event professionals that would like to get the ball rolling, here is a link to the BP Claim form (Update 5/6/12, I removed this link because the form is no longer available).

Just a thought…….


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