Google Plus and Your Conference or Event

I have been telling clients for a while that they should avoid a big investment (time or money) in Google+ because it really is not taking off the way that it should have. I guess only time will tell if it really ever will. Perhaps Facebook’s huge IPO today will scare some people into using it.

To convince myself that I am charting the right course, I have been asking colleagues and friends if they are using G+ and the answers have simply been “no” from friends and “not really” from colleagues. Very few people that I interact with are even aware that it still exists.

I followed up those inquiries last night while speaking to a class of about 50 college students about social media for meetings and events.

When we started I asked the following questions and received the following answers:

  • Who is using Facebook (all hands went up)
  • Who is using Twitter (about half the hands went up)
  • Who is using Google+ (ONE hand went up)

I came back with a follow up question to the one G+ user:

  • Do you use Google+

The answer was a shrug and “not really”.

This is the state of G+, it is a social network with very little social that simply cannot put butts in the seats.

What are your thoughts on G+?

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