The Friday Five for October 4

No Idea Where This Image is From....
No Idea Where This Image is From….

Each week I painstakingly scour every last inch of the internet looking for 5 things worthy of a meeting planner’s attention. It could be an article, a service, an app, a review, a video, or a podcast. You simply never know what is going to pop up. I don’t spend much time on each, just a brief synopsis of what is behind the curtain, your interest or curiosity must do the rest.

This week I am moving fast this Friday so the snips are even snippier!

From Jeff Hurt, That’s Worth a Click

  • Do You Want Your Audience To View Your Video Or Learn From It?

Green Meetings Stuff, Really, Read It

OK, I’ll Bite

Gadgets?? Love Me Some Gadgets

The Best Tech Gadgets for Event Professionals

Need a Better Check In Solution? – Look at Boomset



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