The Friday 5 for September 6


Each week I painstakingly scour every last inch of the internet looking for 5 things worthy of a meeting planners attention. It could be an article, a service, an app, a review, a video, or a podcast. You simply never know what is going to pop up.

I don’t spend much time on each, just a brief synopsis of what is behind the curtain, your interest or curiosity must do the rest.

Here is the Friday 5 for September 6th, 2013

Hosted buyer programs: Boondoggle or Valuable?

Ahhh yes. The boondoggle that is a hosted buyer event… or are they?

A couple of weeks ago I have the chance to be part of a Google+ Hangout with some amazing people (keeping our names secret) and hosted by Kristi Casey Sanders of Plan Your Meetings. Our conversation was candid and went through the pros and cons of hosted buyer events and what they mean for the industry… there is no video of this super secret session but you don’t have to have the special decoder ring anyway, the amazing KCS has a recap of our findings:

Head to Plan Your Meetings to Read

An Industry Colleague Needs our Help

I am not sure why this story got to me but it did… We have an industry colleague that has faced a terrible tragedy and is now in need. I am hoping that we all come together and do what we can.

Read My Post Here

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts at Every Point in the Event Lifecycle

Julius Solaris produces some amazing stuff, from the content he writes to the themes he has produced and the guest bloggers he has. Julius is cranking in 2013. This post and infographic is by Colleen Donnelly, etouches Community Manager.

Get Over There and Read It

BizBash buys Online Venue Sourcing Site ImBookin

I normally don’t link to press releases because, well, they are press releases. If you are not familiar with imbookin.com, the site is a place for meeting and event planers to book venues for smaller meetings and events.

Last week, BizBash bought’em and it sounds pretty cool to me, I hope that they are able to make something of it because there is really no great source for finding smaller, non hotel, venues out there.

Catch the rest of the press release here and Here is a little video that shows how imbookin works.


Fear of Change and That Fork in the Road

Adrian Segar is a pretty smart fella and all events (and people) need change. Stop being afraid and instead, get excited.  I agree with him when he says that it gets easier over time…. but it won’t ever get easier if you don’t do it….

Catch his thoughts….here

That’s a wrap on this week! See ya.



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