The Friday 5 for October 18

Green Meetings and Conferences

Each week I painstakingly scour every last inch of the internet looking for 5 things worthy of a meeting planner’s attention. It could be an article, a service, an app, a review, a video, or a podcast. You simply never know what is going to pop up. I don’t spend much time on each, just a brief synopsis of what is behind the curtain, your interest or curiosity must do the rest.

Welcome to my demented world.

Here is something that I bet you did not know about me.. I struggle every Friday to come up with 5 amazing things to share with my meeting planner friends.

True dat and here is why. I always find at least 100 things to share and I can’t pick because in my mind, they are all important. I actually fall victim to something I see others afflicted with every day…..analysis paralysis. I just can’t make up my mind and so a post that should take 20 minutes ends up taking two hours.

This weeks Friday 5 is different.  I had one goal. Find 5 hotels that you wouldn’t think would be “very” green… but are… one might also fall into the category “you didn’t know it existed”.

The hotels on this list are all known to me in one way, shape, or form. I have done programs at two, done sites at a couple more, and one is a hotel that I have been trying to see but have just not had the chance. I was able to find some great snippets of their green practices from the EcoGreen Hotel Website. If you are looking for other green hotels, this is a great place to start.

The Friday 5 for October 18

Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City, CA

HIlton Universal City

The Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City meets the Green Seal™ SILVER Tier standard for Hotels and Lodging Properties for waste reduction, water and energy efficiency, hazardous substances handling and environmentally responsible purchasing under an environmentally friendly operation. Our facility has also achieved the“Environmentalist” Level status with the California Green Lodging program, GOLD Level with Trip-Advisor Green Leader and is in the works to LEED-EBOM certification evaluation.

Radisson LAX Hotel


The Radisson Hotel at Los Angeles Airport has been awarded the Leadership Level in the California Green Lodging Program and is one of four to achieve a Green Seal certification in the state. The hotel has shown a commitment to environmental practices through recycling and reuse, conservation, and efficiency of energy and water as well as health and safety by becoming 100% smoke free.

InterContinental Hotel Chicago

Chicago InterContinental Hotel

As the first hotel to receive its Energy Star rating in the Windy City, the InterContinental Chicago is continuously looking to improve their environmental performance through the development and sharing of best practices, training and recognition of excellence. These proactive measures have led to Green Seal Silver certification and StayGreen recognition. In addition to utilizing innovative technology to conserve energy as well as reducing and recycling waste, the award-winning property is also committed to promoting effective environmental management to their key vendors and contractors, and being mindful of purchasing local and eco-friendly products to reduce carbon emissions.

Proximity Hotel


Built to use 40% less energy and 30% less water than a comparable hotel, the AAA Four Diamond, locally-owned Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina, offers a glimpse of the future while celebrating the past. Sustainable practices, custom-designed furnishings, commissioned art and innovative design await guests in every corner of the 147-room luxury hotel and its adjacent restaurant, Print Works Bistro.

Willard InterContinental


Awarded the International Hotel & Restaurant Association’s Environmental Award for Sustainability, the Willard has embarked on a Sustainability program entitled, “Willard InterContinental – The Next 100 Years.” The holistic plan is comprised of numerous interwoven sustainable projects designed for a luxurious urban hospitality experience in harmony with social and ecological consciousness.

So there you go. 5 hotels that are a little more green than the others. Go forth, have an awesome weekend and don’t go dumping any hazardous materials in your backyard. 


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