Friday 5 for September 2, 2011 and One Amazing Image

Tropical Storm Katia
Image: NASA

Ahh Yes, another week has come and gone and how much have we accomplished, how much have we made the meetings and events we plan better? I hope that you can say “A whole lot better” because if you can’t then perhaps you need to change some things up….Just thinkin.

Oh, and the image is not of Hurricane Irene, this is Tropical Storm Katia who is still out in the Atlantic.

But I digress, here are five great posts that I came across this week that can make you better at your job as a meeting and event professional.

How do You Pick When They are all Good

If we have to be honest, we can say that anything written by Jeff Hurt is worthy of a read but I really liked this article so I am going to “re”read it.

  • The Six Essential Re’s Of Successful Conferences

Rather than give you my take on this article by Jenise Fryatt, I am just going to give you a quote from it

We event industry professionals are perfectionists.  Because we’ve seen proof that experimentation does lead to innovation, we’ll pay lip-service to its value all day long.  But when it actually comes to failing publicly, do we have the guts to follow through and support such efforts?

Delivering You a Road Map to Change

I am still amazed that so many people produce so many suck-ass events. Really, it is simply astonishing how much crap their is in the world of meetings and conferences. Yes, I might be talking to you.

Thank God their are people like Adrian in the world who can actually help you make things more exciting and meaningful for your attendees.

The Power of Positive Change and the Idiots Who Get Angry

You may not think that the following article can make you a better planner but it can,  if you read between the lines. Have a listen to what happened to Chris Brogan as he tried to make a positive change to HIS world (unfollowing everyone and then re-following the good folks).

This can give you insight into what you could face from a SMALL portion of your attendees if you try and change things. Remember, Chris is only getting pushback from a SMALL portion of his audience, the rest of us, who LISTENED, understood what he was/is doing and fully support him.

You Need a Better Email Solution to be a Better Planner

I have talked about the fact that you need to dump Outlook in the past and if you are skeptical, here are some more reasons why Gmail would be an Outlook killer if the average person would try something new.

This is actually a post that I had in my “to write” cue but John Jantsch over at Duct Tape Marketing beat me too it.

I will also tell you that you may want to read other posts in his blog because he is one smart dude and many of his tips can help you in your job as an event marketer.

  • Using Gmail as a Simple CRM Tool

There you have it, I didn’t realize it when I started writing, but it seems the theme for this post is change….

Go ahead and have a great holiday weekend (if you are in the States).

FYI to regular readers, this is a holiday weekend so we will be futzing with the site over the weekend. You may notice some changes that we will be rolling out next week!

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