Friday 5 for August 5 – 2011

Image: LunaticOutpost.com

Here are 5 things that you should be reading this week because they will help you be a better person and create world peace… or whirled peas… Well, they may not help you create either but they will certainly help you in your goal to become a better meeting and event professional.

Are You Prepared To Lead Your Organization Into The Future? – By Jeff Hurt

5 Tips for Your Facebook Page – By Maria Rainer (via Jenise Fryatt’s Blog)

Be Cool to the Pizza Dude – From NPR (this is a good way to look at life)

5 Effective Tools for Marketing professionals – From TripWire

On Murder – Erika Napoletano

And one last thing –

Head over to Jeff Hurt’s blog if you are a meeting and event professional, they have a survey that you need to be-a-taking.

Here is a little snip:

How You Can Help?

  • If you have a meeting that attracts 500 or more attendees and you hire professional speakers and/or secure industry speakers, please take this survey.
  • It will take about 10 minutes to complete.
  • Share and recommend this survey with your colleagues.

We’re not sending out a big email blast for this so any tweets, blog posts, mentions or shouts from the mountain top are appreciated.

What’s In It For You?

  • We will interpret and share the information through our blog that will be helpful for the industry and our readers.
  • Aggregate data will be shared with all participants who request it.
  • You could be a lucky winner of one of five $50 gift cards.
  • You can be part of identifying the trends and help improve the industry.


Now, go and enjoy the rest of your Friday!

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