Friday 5 for August 26 plus Hurricane Irene Emergency Information

Hurricane Irene
Image: The Weather Channel

OK Kids, if you are anywhere on the eastern seaboard north of the Carolinas, your shit is about to get nasty so don’t be stupid… it sounds all well and good to go to the beach to see the huge waves but having done dumb things like this, I can tell you that the excitement gets old fast and if you are insisting on putting your life in danger for a thrill, leave your kids and your dog at home because they may not share your suicidal tenancies.

To meeting and event planners:

THIS THE REASON that myself and people like Joan Eisenstodt have been yelling at the top of our lungs for years that you should have an emergency plan in place for your meetings, events and conferences because guess FREAKING what… your emergency is now here and if you did not plan for it before today, you might be shit-out-of-luck.

To all of my family and friends on the East Coast, stay well and Godspeed.

Here are links you need for Irene:

Now, for the rest of us that are enjoying a beautiful Friday across the rest of the nation, here are some links that will make you a better meeting and event professional.

Crowdsourcing people, it works, it works well and it makes people happy

You are a meeting or event professional, your photographer calls in sick or dead or whatever and now you are screwed. Well, you wouldn’t be if you had read this post and then then followed a few of the links in this one

Man Bob, that idea you had for that promotion on Facebook was freaking awesome.. what? Speak up, I can’t hear you through the prison glass

For those of you that are considering starting a new social network for your meeting conference or event, I would guide you to this post that calls out how f*&^ing ridiculous you are:

Need to get your audience in creative learning mode…here ya go!

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