The Friday 5 – August 30th

The Austin Convention Center
The Austin Convention Center

Each week I painstakingly scour every last inch of the internet looking for 5 things worthy of your attention. It could be an article, a service, an app, a review, a video, or a podcast. You simply never know what is going to pop up.

I don’t spend much time on each, just a brief synopsis of what is behind the curtain, your interest or curiosity must do the rest.

Here are the Friday 5 for August 30th, 2013

The Best Guide to Public Speaking – Ever

Meeting and event planners the world over have to deal with people that are new to public speaking. As someone that occasionally has to step on stage, I totally feel for them and what they are going through. Finally, someone has the stones enough to take a (funny) look at what you should be doing before you walk on stage.

10 Tech Entrepreneurs Disrupting The Event Industry

Julius Solaris rocks. No doubt. Check out this latest post on 10 eventy types that are causing much needed disruption in our little corner of the world. While I don’t agree with everyone he has placed on the list (Eventbrite… meh), most are spot on. Really, we need more disrupters and less line-towing here people.

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How to Use the New Facebook Insights

I have been meaning to write a post about Facebook for meetings and events but I cannot bring myself to do it…. Which is why I am glad the the fine folks at Social Media Examiner have put together this awesome post on Facebook Insights. Really, read it. You need to know how your page is doing, this will tell you how.

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Skype Sees 3D Video Calling in its Future

I say “who cares”. The only reason it made the 5 is so that you can say “who cares” too.

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How Teens Use Social Media and Why it Matters to You

If you are an event marketer, you really need to know what is around the bend, what is coming, and how you can make this part of your “now” strategy. Understanding how teens use social media is key. As teens go on social, so goes the future.

One of the things that stands out here is how teens are using Facebook… have a read, from beginning to end. The insight will be worth it.

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That’s it people. The long weekend is here (for those of us in the States)….. so I am shutting down now, see you Tuesday. It is also worthy of a note that we will be doing some work on the site soon, just an FYI! 

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