Flying 101 – What Meeting and Event Planners Can Learn From Kulula Airlines

Ever heard of Kulula Airlines?…… didn’t think so, and that is OK, they fly the friendly skies of South Africa.

Here is a snip about Kulula:, also known as Kulula Air (the name derived from the Zulu word for easily), is a South African low-fare airline, operating on major domestic routes out of OR Tambo International Airport, outside of Johannesburg. There are also a limited number of international flights to Namibia, Mauritius, Zambia and Zimbabwe.The headquarters of the company are located at Bonaero Park, Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng.

Like Southwest in the United States, they are known for quality of service, on-time departures and a quirky sense of humor.

Kulula made an international splash last year when the debuted their fleet of newly painted 737s with the tagline of Flying 101. These images have been floating around the internet for the past year and when they hit my inbox again this morning I figured there was a lesson in here somewhere.

Kulula Airlines Flying 101

Kulula Airlines Flying 101 Meeting Planning

Meeting and Event Planning is Serious

More Images at end of post!

Now that you have stopped laughing, we can actually see what they can actually teach meeting and event professionals.

Kulula, like Southwest, takes their flying and their customers deadly seriously… everything else is taken with a grain of salt and that is the lesson.

Learn from companies that are successful but fun. Google, Kulula and Southwest. Even Allstate has jumped on this bandwagon lately with their “Mayhem” Commercials which are even making something like insurance fun.

Here is a simple formula for success:

  • Attendees needs, 100% serious
  • Program, 100% serious
  • Everything else, 0% serious

Do the math, if you follow this formula, you have 200% serious and that is success in anyone’s book.

When you empower your meeting or event staff to actually enjoy what they are doing, they will go above and beyond to ensure that attendees have an amazing experience.

Some more funnerer Kulula Airplane Images:

Kulula Airlines Flying 101
Kulula Airlines Flying 101

Kulula Airlines Flying 101

Kulula Airlines Flying 101

Kulula Airlines Flying 101

Kulula Airlines Flying 101

Keith Johnston

Keith Johnston

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