Event Planner Roundup – The Challenge of Change

Weekends are a time for chillin and sharing stuff from around the web:

Connect  Magazine is out with their “Cool Issue” and many of you probably have it sitting on your desk right now (if not you should subscribe).

For this weekend’s round up, I wanted to point out 4 articles that fall in the section “The Challenge of Change”. Basically, what needs to change in the meetings and events industry.

Here is how Christine Born describes the section:

Inside and outside the industry, there are creative pioneers who urge us to embrace social media, look for inspiration from the culture at large, think about content delivery as performance art and get more visual with presentation. Scott Klososky asks us to think about how Cirque du Soleil would deliver a business talk; to think about how they changed the delivery of a circus. “We need the same change in the experience of content delivery at events,” the futurist and social media blogger says. Jeff Hurt wants us to start planning for screens and stop planning for platforms. “It’s time for you to adopt this 21st century technology and prepare for screening,” he preaches. “We are fast becoming people of the screen.” If you don’t grasp what he means, read his blog.

Our industry also has its rebels. Joan Eisenstodt, a well-respected educator and consultant, has long challenged meeting planners and facility managers to consider the different learning styles, needs and safety of attendees when designing and setting up spaces. She contends that most meetings are boring and is not shy about calling out colleagues to join her efforts to shake up the status quo. Then, there’s Keith Johnston who aggressively delivers sharp criticism and insightful ideas at plannerwire.net.

The following pioneers open up about what changes they think are essential now. We invite you to think about how you can use these ideas, discuss them with your organizations and share them with us in the comment section below.

Here are the links to all of the articles that are featured, go grab a cup-o-coffee and get in some reading:

Get Strategic by Ashely Muntan, Storyteller

Abandon Fear by Keith Johnston, Critic

Make It Magic by Joan Eisenstodt, Critic and Pioneer

Create Conference Conversations by Jeff Hurt, Social Animal


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