Event Planner Roundup – Feb 18th Edition

Lots to do this weekend including taking my rocking little guy to see Star Wars, Episode I in the theater. Unlike us old folks, he is actually going to see Star Wars starting with Episode I ( I never did get the whole starting with number 3, but hey, that is why I am in events and not in film production).

I am not sure who is more excited and it is almost time to go so I am going to get right to it.

Here are a few things I found around the web this week that might be of interest to meeting and event planners or marketers.


If your event is planning on using Pinterest for promotion, you NEED to read this article.

  • How You Could Get Sued For Using Pinterest

Bullying Kills

Not really about meetings and events but written by one of our peeps, Tahira Endean, this is a read I recommend. Bullying can be stopped, it starts with making asshat parents realize that what they say echos in the ears of their children.

Exhibitors as Marketers

You would think that the following link would not be needed but some people either don’t have a clue or are just stupid. Mike has put together a nice plan that is easily digestible and can be put into action quickly so that you can see results.

Speaker Videos Suck

I hate speaker videos, always have. I think that speakers should stick to speaking and get a  pro whose skill set includes editing to chop up their vids. Here is Jeff’s take and he has got some really awesome points.

  • Things I Despise About Speaker Marketing Videos

Virtual Meetings

Yes Victoria, you sometimes need to have a virtual meeting, if event planners would add this to our skill sets, virtual meetings would not scare us as much. I like everything that Jenise puts on my screen but this one is important for all meeting planners so that the next time a meeting goes virtual, they are driving the bus and not turning the keys over to someone else.

  • 5 Good Reasons for Organizing a Virtual Meeting

2012 for Trinkets and Trash

Promotional products, or trinkets and trash as I lovingly call them are something that you should know about. I like Heidi and what she does (and I have even started to order from her). I especially like the way that she gives you not only a written take, she has some awesome videos in the post as well.

  • An Alligator, a Toy Legend… and Promotional Product Trends from ASI Orlando 2012

Criticism Can be Handled

This next one is on handling people that like to knock you, it is written for bloggers but applies to anyone because we could all use a little advice in what to do when the idiots start kicking us.

AND NOW…………..A twofer from Plan Your Meetings

What’s in Your A/V Kit?

First is the link tot the article and the companion video that features the always awesome Midori Connolly and what she keeps in her A/V kit.

Are you a Change Maker?

Convictions with courage can mean change and I agree with the premise here… one person can make a difference.

  • To influence change, speak softly and carry your convictions with courage

And I leave you with one of my favorite tunes:

Ripple – The Grateful Dead

Image – CoolBuzz.Org


Keith Johnston

Keith Johnston

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