A Conversation with Marvin McTaw

Video for Event Marketing

You ever run across an meeting or event marketing idea that is so good that you say to yourself “man, I can’t believe that no one has ever thought of that before”. Yeah, me too. That is the exact reaction I had when I was finally able to sit down and chat with Marvin McTaw.

Before I tell you the what, let me tell you the story of getting to the conversation that introduced me to the product….

I have known Marvin for a few years. We met back when he introduced me to his then project, Sched.org. A couple of months ago, he dropped me a line saying that he was in Chicago and we should get together for a drink.

Now, anyone that knows me, knows that I thought it was a great idea because it involved two things…. Good conversation and drinks… Awesome combo, especially when it is two industry vets chatting about new, cool, stuff.

Due to some crazy work stuff, I had to change like 80 different dates and times and then I had to pack up and jet off to Baltimore to check out a venue for a client…. Left Marvin sitting at a coffee shop waiting on my sorry ass.

Marvin, being a pretty good guy, was cool about the whole thing. He took it all in stride. We decided that we would chat via Skype after I returned.

Jump forward a few weeks and we have the plan. We are going to chat about his new thing AND record our conversation to share with the world. It will be awesome, the world will know the awesome that is the conversation, and everything will have an aura of general awesomeness.

I Fire up Skype…. hit record and BAM, the conversation is all of the awesome that you would expect…. it is the Pamela recording software that sucks. The video and sound is so out of sync that we look like wannabes for a 1970’s kung fu movie. We decide to scrap the video and try again….. this conversation is now heading into it’s 5th week but we are not broken. We will go on.

The conversation will happen.

And here we are… using Google Hangouts because its a Google product, and Google products work… we know it will go forward.

You will notice that I was suffering through a Cold/Flu/Ebola/Plague during the recording… but we got it done and we got to chat about one of the best ideas that I have seen in a long, long, time….. Which brings us full circle to Marvin and  EventCommercials.com.

Small and medium sized events have a video problem. The problem is they suck at video. Now, just because they suck at video, it does not mean it is their fault. Much of the suck is due to factors beyond their control.

Video is tough. It takes planning, money, time, resources, and usually, a video crew if you want to do it right….. oh, and I forgot, you should probably add more money to the equation… I just finished a really awesome video project for a client and it was into the low 5 figures for a one minute piece.

Because of these issues, most small and medium sized events skip over video as one of their marketing channels. That is a shame because it is one of the best content marketing strategies. We are lucky because Marvin aims to fix this with EventCommercials.com……

I will let the conversation walk you through the service but it is safe to say that it is a very cool idea…..

Can’t beat that.


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