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Meeting Planner Music Club – Brian Wilson in the Old Apartment

Staying away from the dance and hard rock for another week, I wanted to hit another couple of the songs that are in my travel playlist. Brian Wilson and The Old Apartment from Barenaked Ladies are songs that always seem to be blasting out of my headphones while I am flying and writing (see, I can do […]

Meeting Planner Music Club – GHXST

Meeting Planner Music Club – GHXST Meeting Planner Halloween

Happy Halloween. Tonight is the time for meeting planners and eventprofs everywhere to do some trick or treating, have some good scares, and make dentist appointments. But look out… You are about to see a GHXST…. GHXST (pronounced GHOST) is a dark artrock trio from New York City formed in 2010 by Christopher James and […]

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