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Are Meeting Planners Qrious – They Should Be

Are Meeting Planners Qrious – They Should Be Meeting Planner Badge Solution

In this episode of the PlannerWire Meeting Planning Podcast I have a chat with John Federico, CEO of Qrious, our favorite new app / SAAS for doing three things: Getting attendee’s badges done right Helping exhibitors with easy lead retrieval Attendee session and event check-in During our conversation, we talk about what Qrious is and […]

More to Life than PowerPoint

More to Life than PowerPoint Meeting Planner PowerPoint

I was reading an article about presentation tools on Mashable and it got me to thinking….Hey… I heard you sigh.. I do think sometimes… really….anyway… lost my train of thought… Meeting and event planners need to do a whole “presentation rethink” because there is more to life (and conferences) than PowerPoint….. Some presenters want to […]

Easing the Pain of Internet Research for Meeting and Event Planners

Meeting and event planners have to do a ton of research. We look at hotels, destinations, caterers, sponsors, attendees, speakers, decorators, and a ton more. I would venture to guess that for some of us, research is a full 25% of our jobs and for a select few, it might be as high as 75%. […]

Unlocker – A Step by Step Guide Installation Guide

The Problem Did you ever have a file or folder that you wanted to banish to the depths of the computer netherworld but couldn’t for reasons that only David Hasslehoff understands. That darn file or folder is screaming to be deleted, the client wants it put out of its misery, and although you are trying, […]