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Canva – The Event Marketing Graphic Design Tool You Need

  A picture tells a story, see the world in an image, you oughta be in pictures, a picture is worth a thousand words… Blah, blah, blah. Old sayings, draped in cobwebs, hanging in the attic…. and yet, they are true and stand the test of time. The right image makes the written word come […]

20 Most Popular Membership Management Software Solutions

I love surfing those crazy interwebs… You just never know what you are gonna find. The internet can be like walking into the corner grocery for a gallon of milk and walking out with a two boxes of garlic crackers, three bottles of cheap wine and a Janice Joplin CD. Don’t judge… I was just minding my own […]

Is Dropbox Filling Your Hard Drive – Take Control

Is Dropbox Filling Your Hard Drive – Take Control

Dropbox kicks butt in my humble opinion. It is by far the easiest way to keep files in sync between multiple computers, your tablet, and your phone. For the meeting planner or event professional, this can be a godsend when you need to access stuff like site inspection photos, graphic files, attendee lists, or floor […]

More to Life than PowerPoint

More to Life than PowerPoint Meeting Planner PowerPoint

I was reading an article about presentation tools on Mashable and it got me to thinking….Hey… I heard you sigh.. I do think sometimes… really….anyway… lost my train of thought… Meeting and event planners need to do a whole “presentation rethink” because there is more to life (and conferences) than PowerPoint….. Some presenters want to […]

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