Category: Event Technology

Simple Web Tools for Associations and Event Planners

The web is the great equalizer. It makes small companies appear huge and large companies appear more approachable. It makes us all equal. I love to share good information, information that people can use to make their associations or events even stronger. These are the two groups that I have a soft spot for. Oh, […]

Why your Meeting, Conference or Tradeshow Needs an App

 Look, lets be honest. Your event needs a smartphone app and it needs it today. Your event does not need it next week, next month or next year, your event needs it today. Get a smartphone app from me (just use the contact form and ask) or from someone else, but get an app. We […]

Product Review – Poll Everywhere Audience Response System

Audience response. This is a term that causes some of the great meeting planning minds to shake their heads and give up. We have put men on the moon, landed spacecraft on Mars and created the Twinkie but asking a question and getting a response has not been made easy or cheap. Yes, there are […]

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