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Event Espresso -A Kickin WordPress Plugin for Your Conference Or Event Website

There are few things that frustrate a seasoned event planner more than having to deal with a shitty event registration system. They are crappy for a number of reasons: Some are overpriced, most of the “software as a service” companies fall into this category Some are built by Bob (the guy in I.T.) and barely […]

Playing in the Sandbox for Meeting Professionals

The web is an amazing thing for meeting and event professionals, it enables us to do things efficiently and fast, especially when it comes to attendee registration. Your conference website and registration site are your lifeline and website builders like WordPress, Joomla, Weebly and others have made it possible for those on the meeting planning […]

Conference Organizers Need to Keep Data Secure or be WikiLeaked

Welcome 2011, I am here to say that this will probably be a bigger year for WikiLeaks than 2010, especially since Mr Julian Assange is about to get into the Corporate Stupidity Game rather than sticking to the Governmental Stupidity Game. Love him or hate him, he is one bad mother $#&*$#*& for a geek. […]

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