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BusyEvent Mobile – Moving and Shaking in the Event World

UPDATE – Alas, BusyEvent is no more. Purchased by a bigger fish in the sea. I don’t normally publish press releases because, well, let’s be honest… they are press releases and press releases generally suck. This one is different cause I know Brian Slawin at BusyEvent as a customer, an online buddy (Facebook and Twitter), […]

Office Lens for Meeting and Event Professionals

I too often find myself beating up on Microsoft. I pick apart Outlook, I make fun of Word. I really have unending disdain for PowerPoint. For these transgressions I am sorry. I am a victim of judging Microsoft for being Microsoft. Truth be told, no matter what any tech-idiot-guru- tells you, there is nothing wrong […]

Scannable for Evernote – an #eventprofs Best Friend

Wow. Do I love me some Evernote for meeting and event peeps. A total replacement for the event binder and your brain. Evernote creates tools that are just brilliant. For example, how many times have you been standing in the conference office, overseeing a reg desk, or working late in your hotel room and thought “I […]

Is Dropbox Filling Your Hard Drive – Take Control

Is Dropbox Filling Your Hard Drive – Take Control

Dropbox kicks butt in my humble opinion. It is by far the easiest way to keep files in sync between multiple computers, your tablet, and your phone. For the meeting planner or event professional, this can be a godsend when you need to access stuff like site inspection photos, graphic files, attendee lists, or floor […]

An Event App Chat with BigEventApp

An Event App Chat with BigEventApp

In today’s episode of the PlannerWire Sporadic Podcast, PlannerWire (Keith) is chatting with BigEventApp.com (Mike and Carl). Mike and Carl will tell you that their mission is to create buzz-worthy apps, that are clear, highly intuitive and include schedules, speakers, restaurant guides, social integration, and more and I do think that they succeed with a […]

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