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Shuttle Buses or Ride-Sharing for the Eco-Friendly Meeting Planner

Shuttle Buses or Ride-Sharing for the Eco-Friendly Meeting Planner Uber vs Bus for Meeting Planners

Greta Thunberg’s voice is echoing all over the world as she passionately states her case about climate change and its impact on our planet.  This is not a topic unfamiliar to event and meeting planners. Increasingly, planners are looking at every aspect of the carbon footprint left in the wake of their meetings and events.  […]

Your Conference or Event Can Change the World

This is a guest post by Calum Maclean. Many of you will remember Calum from his 17 years in the hotel business or his work at Clean the World. He has gone on to try and make a difference by providing clean water to those in need with www.sawyersaves.com You can contact him directly at calum@sawyer.com […]

The Meetings and Sex Trafficking Industries Share Something in Common

Sex Trafficking is NASTY. Sex trafficking is one of those things that most people think only happens on the news and other, faraway places but the truth is, it happens where meeting and event planners spend a good portion of our time; Luxury and mid-tier hotels in the United States and around the world.  As […]

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