Category: Event Industry

Procurement Departments and the Meeting Planner

Again, another from a few years ago, now more than ever this is relevant as budgets are slashed and tightened. One thing we have noticed however is an actual loosening of the procurement yoke as companies try and find less costly ways to produce their meetings and events. The call comes down from on high, […]

Las Vegas Continues Making Huge Mistakes Hurting the Meetings Industry

In yet another move that makes me shake my head, Las Vegas unveiled yet another bad marketing device in this era of government crackdowns and meeting lynch mobs hurting the meetings industry. If Las Vegas wants to fly under the radar, regain some of the meeting and event business that has canceled and make the […]

You Want Meeting Planners to Pay What? Part I

A first-time meeting planner and exhibitor recently arrived onsite at a major meetings industry trade show with company check in hand and instructions from her boss in mind: rent a few furniture items for the booth. No problem, right? Upon speaking with show services providers, the exhibitor was floored to learn that she would have […]

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