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7 Instagram Tips for a Better Conference Experience

Instagram is an easy win for conferences and events. How do I know? I know because Forrester studied 2,500 brands on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They found that¬†Instagram posts had 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter. You don’t have to read more than that […]

Spam and the Event Marketer – Canada Style

So our most awesome neighbors to the north… they are awesome aren’t they… they are the kind of neighbors that would lend you a cup of sugar, bring beer to your party, bail you out of jail..That kind of awesome…wait… wait…train of thought… Anyway, our amazing neighbors to the north have just signed into being, […]

YouTube for Conferences and Events – Infographic

Today we are talking about YouTube for conferences and events. Wait, what? Down in the back, you have your hand up… Good question and we can tell you that was debunked for our industry over a decade ago. Posting your conference videos on the web will NOT cannibalize your live audience. It won’t. Really, stop […]

A Sample Social Media Plan for Events

A Sample Social Media Plan for Events Event Planning Social Media

99% of events need a social marketing plan yet very few event planners know  where to start to create one. This infographic from Marketo that contains really useful social marketing tips for event planners of any marketing skill level from novice to Uber-Event-Content-Marketing-Geek.