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10 Surprising Things Event Marketers Should Know About Social Media

I love those interwebs… always serving us up cool new facts and figures in handy 10 packs. All of the information that we could ever need or want in small bite sized chunks that are perfect for the over-worked, over-stressed event marketer brain. We all know that every social media outpost has its quirks but what are […]

What is Trending for #eventprofs

I love it when someone builds something just because it needs building. Yousef El-Dardiry, Founder of TweetBeam, needed a way for his team to see what was trending across the EventProfs community so he created a tool and hosted it at EventProfs.co .  This new tool allows his team to use what is hot on Twitter to keep tabs on the events […]

Visualize the Visuals with Eventstagram

Visualize your visuals man… Sounds like something Jeff Lebowski and Tommy Chong would be talking about after a long night of hanging out together but this post isn’t about the amazing Maui Wowie we are slipping into our morning coffee. What we are talking about is taking social media from the internet to your real […]

I am Emphatic About Social Media for Events

Social Media, it sure must be important to meetings and events because I sure talk about it a lot. I yack about it with you, my clients, and my colleagues. I hop on soapboxes the world over to tell everyone that social media is important before an event for marketing and connecting with attendees and everyday it grows more […]

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