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Great Email Marketing Made Simple for Conference Organizers

I received a “press release” today from the Tide’s Inn, Virginia. This email marketing piece was brilliant in its simplicity. It is simply, the top 10 reasons to choose the Tide’s Inn for your next meeting. Here is the beginning of the email: Here are the top 10 reasons why you should hold your meeting […]

Unorthadox Works if you Throw Caution to the Wind

This morning got a little interesting for me and it is the perfect example of unorthodox marketing. An ad grabbed my attention, made me think, called me to action (this post) and is now spreading. In fact, an hour ago I had no idea that I would still be sitting here writing…. all because of […]

A Conference Social Media Failure

Late last year I was part of a planning committee for an industry group’s tradeshow. We were tasked with putting together the content, future sites, etc. Typical committee stuff and because we were all in the industry and knew exactly what we were doing, it was even more excruciating than other committees….I am kidding, it […]

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