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20 Great Social Media Tools for Event and Association Marketers

A little over a year ago, we posted a cool social media cheat sheet that helped event and association marketers understand the social media platforms that are effective with specific groups/demographics. After a quick review, the post is still pretty accurate and now we have found an infographic that could be considered a companion piece. The […]

Social Media for Conference Planners – A Checklist

Drowning in Social. Yep. I have been there, just like 1000 other conference planners. In fact, I have a conference planning client that is starting to slip beneath the waves just thinking about thinking about the marketing of their conferences in 2016. Now, it should be said that this client is not new to social […]

How to Use Technology to Entertain and Engage your Conference Audience

How often do you use your phone for anything other than a phone call, text message or email? Quite often, right? Jump on the tube in the morning and over half the people will be listening to music, playing a game or reading a book on their Kindle app. Most of us can’t make it […]